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Pesticide Price Expected To Be Steady

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Since pesticide is coming into dull season, most pesticide varieties are becoming steady in October, but still expected to rise later on. Detailed analyses are as follows:

    Paraquat: to be steady, 42% aqueous solution stood at 15,500 Yuan. Since the facilities overhaul will not be finished until mid and late November, and paraquat orders saw a further increase recently, it is expected to go up later on.

    Imidacloprid: 95% crude pesticide was around 150,000 Yuan per ton. It is dull in domestic market, overseas inquiry increased however real deal didn't see much increase. Imidacloprid enterprises are believed to carry out overhauls later on, so market supply becomes short. Its price will depend on demand from seed-dressing agent market.

    Chlorpyrifos: 97% crude pesticide was 37,000 Yuan per ton, the domestic market was fairly weak, and market price continued to slide slightly, however the effect to market sales was rather limited.

    Lambda-cyhalothrin: 96% crude pesticide was 17,000 Yuan per ton, steady with slight decline in the past month. Since the overhaul has started, and market inventory was limited, making it a support to market price.

    Tebuconazole: 96% crude pesticide was 70,000 to 75,000 Yuan per ton. Chlorothalonil market was steady this month, its further trend depends on the purchase of overseas clients.

    Carbendazim: 98% crude pesticide was 31,000 to 32,000 Yuan per ton, down by 1,000 Yuan to 2,000 Yuan per ton. Major enterprises are cut off production and carrying overhaul to make preparations for the booming seasons later on.

From “China Pesticide Market Weekly Report

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