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Despite Price Decline Year By Year, Blueberry Development Space Still Remained

China Agriculture Report By CnAgri2017-09-05 09:38:26China Agriculture Report Print Before 2014, the domestic blueberry price and the imported blueberry price were similar, which were between 200 RMB/kg to 400 RMB/kg. However, the blueberry price gradually declined in recent years. From June to July of 2017, large volumes outdoor blueberries were launched into the market. The blueberry wholesale price even dropped below 50 RMB/kg. The main reasons are the following:

 a. The blueberry cultivation regions and area expanded. First of all, as the artificial planting techniques improve, blueberry cultivation regions constantly expanded. The geographical distribution expanded from the original Northeast to provinces such as Shandong, Jiangsu, Guizhou, Yunnan and Hubei. Almost 20 provinces have large scale cultivation. Secondly, high nutrition and economic value are found in blueberry cultivation. Generally speaking, the blueberry output is about 1,000kg/mu. If the average price is 40 RMB/kg, the gross income is 40,000 RMB. After the deduction of costs, the net income could reach 30,000 RMB/mu. Compared with the traditional crops and commercial crops, blueberry cultivation brings higher benefits. Therefore, blueberry cultivation area and output increased rapidly. In 2015, the blueberry cultivation area was 31,210 hectares and the output was about 43,244 tons, the average annual growth remained at 10%. 

 b. The blueberry market is still in the development phase and the demand is still limited. China’s large scale blueberry cultivation started from 2000. Till now, it has only been 17 years. The blueberry market is still a small market and is still in the development phase. The rapid increase in the blueberry output surpassed the increase of the market demands in the short run. 

 Despite the constant price decline, in the long run, as the blueberry sales market gradually matured, the consumer base would also enlarge constantly; meanwhile, large enterprises such as Moutai, Wuliangye, JZJT, Mengniu and Yili have entered the blueberry processing market in succession. The demands for blueberry raw materials would also constantly increase. 

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