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For environmental protection, China’s raising quantity of laying ducks slightly declined and the industry faces pressures of upgrading and transformation.

China Agriculture Report By CnAgri2018-10-24 16:18:54China Agriculture Report Print China ranks first in terms of raising volume of laying ducks and consumption of duck eggs. In recent years, China’s inventory of laying ducks fluctuate among 194 million birds and 310 million birds, and the annual production of duck eggs is 3.0-4.5 million tons, which accounts for about 15% of China’s total production of poultry eggs. With a market size of 30-50 billion yuan, laying duck raising industry is one of important sectors in China’s animal husbandry.
Laying duck raising methods include floor feeding, net feeding, fermentation bed captive feeding, cycle mixed feeding, and care rearing, with flooring feeding and net feeding as major rearing methods. The raising scale of farmers is relatively small, generally with about 5000 birds on hands. At present, China’s laying duck industry is facing great environment protection pressure. Water environment protection policies have been introduced in the country, resulting in large reduction in laying duck inventory and duck egg production.
Under the background of increasing environment protection pressure, small scale farmers have exited the market rapidly. With the expansion of centralized feeding zone and scale space concentration, it’s inevitable for laying duck industry to conduct transformation and upgrading, and the concentration of this industry will grow sharply, which provides development opportunities for large-scale enterprises having capital, technology, management, and channels to expand rapidly. 

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