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Protection Measures on Sugar Trade Effective, Sugar Import Controlled within 2.5 Million Tons

China Agriculture Report By CnAgri2018-11-09 10:16:44China Agriculture Report Print
After half year investigation, the Ministry of Commerce finally decided to adopt trade protection measures in order to protect domestic sugar industry. The protection measures means imposes protection tariff on sugar imported outside the quota, the term is three years, from 22nd May 2017 to 21st May 2020. The measures were relaxed gradually during the implementation period. From 22nd May 2017 to 21st May 2018, the protection tariff was 45%l from 22nd May 2018 to 21st May 2019, the tariff is 40%; from 22nd May 2019 to 21st May 2020, the tariff shall be 35%.
After implementation of the protection measures, sugar import dwindled noticeably. The import was 1.822 million tons in 2017, 55.94% less than the 4.135 million tons in 2015. The shortage of supply was 5 million tons in 2015, import was brought under control effectively, meanwhile domestic price stabilized around 6,500 yuan/ton. The intervention was most effective and prolonged the time for domestic sugar industry to come to its foot.

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