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Weather Forecast(October 18-24, 2018)

China Agriculture Report By CnAgri2018-10-25 10:36:08China Agriculture Report Print
Keywords:Grains Oilseeds
In the coming week,there will be more rainfall in eastern part of the Southwest, most of South China, and most of the south of Yangtze River. The average daily precipitation will reach 5-15mm in western and northern Xinjiang, eastern part of the Northwest, western North China, and the Northeast, and be more than 25mm in some local areas. The cumulative rainfall in above mentioned regions will be 40-70% more compared with that in ordinary year, and more than double of that in the same period in ordinary year in some local portions. The Northwest and Northeast will be exposed to more rainfall, which is good for soil moisture increase and the overwintering of winter wheat. As for temperature, the Northeast will see a temperature of 1~2℃ higher than that in the same period in ordinary year, while the rest will experience lower temperatures compared with that in ordinary year. Low temperatures in South China and the south of the Yangtze River will be conductive to the development of late paddy. 
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