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China Raw Milk Production Hit 13.26 million Tons in H1 2019, Up 1.7% YoY

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According to National Bureau of Statistics of China, cow milk production hit 13.26 million tons in the first half of 2019, up 1.7% YoY.  In Q1 2019, the production was 6.25 million tons, up 2% YoY. BOABC reckons that cow milk production was 7 million tons in Q2 2019, up 1.4%.
The growth of cow milk production revealed by NBS is much lower than the growth monitored by MOA, which is 5.2%.However, cow milk production revealed by NBS is still more than 20% higher than the data monitored by MOA.
According to the third National Census on Agriculture, NBS readjusted data on production of some crop and animal products from 2006-2017, of which cow milk production saw a slump.
It is deemed that NBS is still on the way of  trimming down the inflated figure.
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