Research Report on China Mutton Sheep Industry

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Research Report on China Mutton Sheep Industry


Brief Introduction:

Currently, the prominent problems in domestic mutton sheep industry include:  Mutton sheep source is insufficient, and the quality of mutton sheep is uneven.  Mutton marketing is dealer-dominate, can’t form brand effect, and mostly adopts price competition. So BOABC thinks that the key links of domestic mutton sheep industry are breeding sheep breeding/raising in upstream and circulation channel in downstream, and success factors include breeding in upstream, scale breeding, catering dealers network and retail channel.

Table of Contents:

1 Report Summary
2 China Mutton Sheep Industry Development
2.1 China’s Macro-economic Situation
2.2 China’s Relevant Policy for Mutton Sheep
3 China Mutton Supply Analysis
3.1 China’s Mutton Output
3.1.1 Mutton Output and Regional Distribution
3.1.3 Output of Sheep Meat and Goat Meat
3.2 Mutton Production Is Frozen Mutton Dominated
3.3 Lamb Output
3.4 Mutton Output Increases Continously in Next Five Years
3.5 Variation Trend of China’s Lamb Output in Next FiveYears
4 China’s Mutton Consumption Analysis
4.1 Inhabitants’ Consumption Trend of Meats
4.2 Consumption Structure of Mutton
4.2.1 Mutton Consumption
4.2.2 Mutton Consumption Structure of Different Ways
4.2.3 Rural and Urban Structure of Mutton Consumption
4.3 Mutton Market Scale Expands Rapidly
4.4 China’s Growth Momentum of Mutton Consumption Will Not Change in Next Five Years
4.5 China’s Growth of Mutton Market Size Will Slow Down in Next Five Years
5 Analysis of China’s Mutton Trade
5.1 Mutton Import
5.1.1 Import Volume and Import Price
5.1.2 Distribution of Source Countries
5.1.3 Importing Enterprises
5.1.4 Analysis of China’s Import Volume of Mutton in the Future
5.2 Mutton Export
5.2.1 Export Volume and Export Price
5.2.2 Distribution of Destinations
5.2.3 Exporting Enterprises
5.2.4 Analysis of China’s Mutton Export Trade in the Future
6 Analysis of China’s Mutton Sheep Industrial Chain
6.1 Breeding Sheep Raising
6.1.1 Development Situation of Breeding Industry of Breeding Sheep
6.1.2 Development Models of Breeding Sheep Enterprises
6.1.3 Cost-benefit Analysis of Breeding Sheep Enterprises Beijing Aoxin Animal Husbandry Co., Ltd. Gansu Zhongtian Sheep Industry
6.1.4 Five Forces Analysis of Breeding Link of Breeding Sheep
6.2 Mutton Sheep Breeding
6.2.1 General Situation of Mutton Sheep Breeding Industry Mutton Sheep Inventory Keeps Steady Growth Inventory of Sheep and Goat Mutton Sheep Slaughter Rises Up Steadily Scale Development of Mutton Sheep Breeding China’s Mutton Sheep Slaughter Will Increase at a Low Speed in Next Five Years
6.2.2 Analysis of Typical Pattern of Mutton Sheep Breeding Providing Ewe and Purchasing Lamb Pattern Corporation builds breeding area where farmers enter (Taking Linong Sheep for Example) Analysis of Mutton Sheep Breeding in Bayannur
6.2.3 Cost-benefit Analysis of Mutton Sheep Breeding Gansu Zhongtian Sheep Industry NDRC’s Research Data on Cost and Benefit of Free-range Mutton Sheep in Various Regions in 2013
6.2.4 Five Forces Analysis of Mutton Sheep Breeding Industry
6.3 Live Sheep Circulation
6.3.1 Major Models of Live Sheep Circulation
6.3.2 Typical Enterprise (Zhongtian Sheep Industry) Live Sheep Sales Model
6.4 Mutton Sheep Slaughtering
6.4.1 General Situation of Mutton Sheep Slaughtering and Processing Industry
6.4.2 Main Business Types of Mutton Sheep Slaughtering and Processing Enterprises
6.4.3 Cost-benefit Analysis of Mutton Sheep Slaughtering and Processing Mutton Sheep Slaughtering Workshop Scale Slaughtering and Processing Enterprises
6.4.4 Five Forces Analysis of Mutton Sheep Slaughtering and Processing Industry
6.5 Mutton Circulation
6.5.1 Domestic Mutton Circulation
6.5.2 Circulation of Imported Mutton
6.5.3 Differences among Factory Price,Wholesale Price and Retail Price of Mutton
6.5.4 Circulation of Mutton and Mutton Products of Typical Enterprises
6.6 Benefit Distribution of Various Links of Industrial Chain
7 Analysis of Typical Business Model
7.1 Business Model of Domestic Mutton Sheep Enterprises
7.2 Whole Industrial Chain Model
7.3 Research on Mongolian Sheep Animal Husbandry
7.3.1Company Profile
7.3.2 Business Segments and Position
7.3.3 Operation Situation
7.3.4 Analysis of Business Model
7.3.5 Analysis of Profit Model
8 Analysis of Investment Attractiveness of Domestic MuttonSheep Industry
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