Analysis on Development Potential, Operating Models and Investment Prospects of China’s Beef Cattle Industry

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Brief Introduction:

China's beef cattle industry is a small industry with large market, having prominent opportunities of investment and integration. 1 Imbalance between supply and demand in the beef market in China is seriously highlighted, and it’s difficult for domestic consumption to be self -sufficient. At present, there are serious polarizations in the upstream and downstream sectors of China's beef industry chain. Downstream consumption raises higher demands on beef quantity and quality. However, upstream beef cattle farming is still dominated by small scale farmers, and backward production methods are difficult to meet market demand. For this reason, China's beef imports have continued to increase in recent years, especially since 2008, the imports have raised from less than 10,000 tons to the current nearly 700,000 tons, which indicates a huge gap in China's beef supply. 2 The performance of related domestic beef cattle enterprises is not ideal generally, and the industry urgently needs real leadin