Owing to a Decline in Northeastern Corn Planting Areas, the Total Output was Predicted to be Less than Last Year

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Along with the price difference between soybean planting and corn planting in the northeast in 2020, corn planting has no obvious advantage and soybean planting is preferred. Meanwhile, owing to spring waterlogging in the northeast especially in Heilongjiang, crop sowing is delayed and some farmers prefer to plant soybean with a shorter growth period. In 2020, corn planting areas in the northeast continued to go down, of which the decline in Heilongjiang was upward of 5%. Generally, national corn planting areas in 2020 were predicted to go down to 41 million ha.     
In June, temperature in the north rebounded quickly, and light and soil moisture were relatively good in most areas of north. The overall weather was good for growth of spring corn seedlings and sowing of summer corn. It was predicted that corn yield possibly would reach the average level of last five years in 2020.     
This month, BOABC predicted the data on corn output for 2020 for the first time. The total output was around 252 million MT, down 3.3% or 8.5 million MT from last year.  
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