Special Research Report on China’s Seed Markets in 2011

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BOABC is a professional service company specializing in agricultural consultation. Since the set up of the company, we have been adopting the international consultation standard of agricultural companies and standard operating procedure, and concentrating on agricultural information service, market and industry research, providing professional and intensive strategic consultation services. Over the past ten years, the company has provided multi-range and multilevel services to domestic and oversea customers, including world famous agricultural companies, comprehensive enterprises, financial investment organizations, agricultural and related institutions, embassies and large domestic agricultural enterprises, many of which are leading companies in agricultural industry. More than 30 of World Top 500 enterprises have been purchasing our information products.
As a main element of crop planting costs, seed is in the upstream of farm produce industry. The competitive advantages of seed market will decide the initiative of agricultural competition. China is a large agricultural country; the quantity of seed used in ordinary year is above 12.5 billion kg and in 2010 the market capacity of hybrid corn, hybrid rice, wheat, cotton, vegetables and other seed was around RMB4.4 billion. The huge market makes China’s seed industry increasingly being a focus of attracting capital.
Seed market competition in China is relatively decentralized. Lots of small scale enterprises, lower industry concentration, generous profits, huge market and technology and policy barriers allow the industry to be one of the notable sub-industries of agriculture. With the standardization of China’s seed market in recent years, mergers and acquisitions always happen. How are the current situation of Chinese seed market and the competition status of the market segment of each variety? How will the seed industry structure, market price and policy develop in 2011?
BOABC organized seed market, technical and financial experts to make deep, accurate, objective, comprehensive and systematic analyses on sectors in the industry chain, including whole market, enterprises and policies. The report describes the current situation of China’s seed market and provides professional advices for the development direction of China’s seed market later.
The seed market report mainly includes the market scales and deep analyses of hybrid corn seed, hybrid rice seed, wheat seed, cotton seed and rapeseed. Research contents include seed production, market demand, price variation, import and export, and forecast of China’s seed market development direction in the future. 
It is not only a rare special research report for domestic and oversea industry investors, strategic investors and large scale seed companies, who care China’s seed industry, but also one of crucial decision bases to learn the current development status of the industry and seize investment opportunities and growing trend for seed and related industry giants, investment banks, fund and bond organizations.
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