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Research Report on the Development Trend of China’s Peanut Industry

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Report Orientation: Now, China’s peanut industry is in a period of good planting benefit and huge development potential, but it still has some problems such as regional development imbalance, insufficient policies support, incomplete mechanization, bottleneck of peanut shucking and process technology, slow popularization of new variety and new technology and technical support shortage. Based on this starting point, BOABC launches “Research Report on the Development Trend of China’s Peanut Industry”.
The report will make objective, scientific and impartial analysis and research on peanut industry, aiming at helping enterprises or investment organizations learn the market situation, investment price and operation risk of peanut industry rapidly, fully and accurately and providing high quality market information service for enterprises to make decision.
Date Source: one part of the data used in the report comes from authoritative departments including National Statistics, Customs, Administration of Industry and Commerce, State Administration of Taxation, relevant industry associations and America Department of Agriculture. Moreover, we will investigate manufacturing and marketing enterprises and visit channel dealers and middle men to get first hand information and data.
Report Content: the report involves in the development situation of peanut industry at home and abroad, market size, supply and demand, price, market concentration, competition pattern, upstream and downstream of the industry chain, channel, import and export, key subsidiary industries, segmentation regions and various economic index of peanut planting industry.
Research Method: on the angle of the third party, the report makes deep analysis on market situation adopting professional analysis model which combines qualitative analysis and quantitative analysis with “data figure and table + professional exposition” form, and on this bases, the report estimates the development trend of the industry in the future and tries to show a complete panorama of peanut industry chain to customers.
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