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Guarantee Measures for Sugar Import Formulated

China Agriculture Report By CnAgri2017-06-05 10:45:58China Agriculture Report Print

After eight months, the investigation over guarantee measures for sugar import finally came to an end. The Ministry of Commerce issued the “Circular on Guarantee Measures for Sugar Import” on May 22nd 2017. The authority concluded the rising import quantity of sugar caused a serious damage to China’s sugar industry, and there is causality between the increase of import quantity and seriousness of the damage.

There is customs tariff of guarantee measures on sugar import outside the quota for three years, and the the measures shall relax gradually during these three years. From May 22nd 2017 to May 21st 2018, the customs tariff of guarantee measures is 45%, it is 40% in the following year and 35% in the third year.

The targets of the guarantee measures exclude some developing countries. If the share of sugar import from a certain country is less than 3% and the total import from this country is no more than 9%, the guarantee measures are not applicable to this country. The importer should supply a certificate on production venue to prove the measures are not applicable. Within the three years when the measures are in implementation, if the share of import from a certain developing country, which is excluded from the measures, is over 3% during a year, the measures shall be applicable in the following year.


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