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China’s consumption of poultry increased 2.46% in 2016

China Agriculture Report By CnAgri2017-03-07 15:21:19China Agriculture Report Print

In 2016, China’s consumption of poultry was 18.868 million tons, increasing 2.46% year on year. Per capita poultry consumption roughly was 13.79kg, which increased 0.33kg from that in 2015 (13.46kg).

As for urban and rural poultry consumption structure, urban consumption level is higher than rural consumption level. In 2016, the consumption volume of poultry in urban area and rural area respectively was 14.147 million tons and 4.721 million tons, separately accounting for 74.98% and 25.02%. With regard to per capita poultry consumption, per capita poultry consumption of urban residents roughly was 18.88kg, while per capita poultry consumption of rural residents was about 7.63kg.

In terms of poultry consumption in different ways, household consumption and outdoor consumption are the main consumption patterns. In 2016, China’s industrial consumption, household consumption and outdoor consumption of poultry respectively were 3.019 million tons, 7.925 million tons and 7.359 million tons, which separately accounted for 16%, 39% and 42%

China’s demand for poultry is rigid, but growth in consumption is weak. BOABC predicts that China’s consumption of poultry will increase to 19.04 million tons in 2017, increasing 0.90% year on year.

China’s Poultry Consumption, 2010-2016

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