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Analysis of monthly imports of main grain varieties

China Agriculture Report By CnAgri2017-03-14 09:26:19China Agriculture Report Print

Customs data show that raw cereal imports and exports rebounded year on year. Processed product exports ascended and imports descended. Grain marketization pushed up the growth of trade.

China’s import volume of cereal and its powder totally was 2 million tons, up 8.70% year on year. Except rice, wheat, corn, barley, sorghum and flour, the imports of other grain varieties were 20,000 MT. Wheat, corn and barley imports all increased year on year; the obvious increase in rice corn pushed up cereal exports.

In addition, cassava starch from Southeast Asia rebounded. In January, the import volume of dry cassava and cassava starch totally was 814,000 tons, up 4.98% year on year (converted into 0.853 million tons dry cassava, up 5.84% year on year). Of which the import volume of dry cassava and cassava starch respectively 594,000 tons and 220,000 tons, separately up -1.58% and 28.02% year on year.

Exports of main grains: in January, the exports of main grains including wheat, paddy, corn, barley and sorghum were 98,685 tons, 2.80 times higher than last year. Export volume of paddy, edible sorghum, and barley respectively were 92,552 tons, 6,121 tons and 110,600 tons; there still was no wheat export. Except hybrid rice, China also exported rice to Africa, bringing a great increase in rice export. Influenced by a great fall in purchase prices, corn would re-enter East Asian and South Asian market in the near future.

As for the imports of staple food crops, in January, the imports of wheat, paddy, corn and barley totally was 1.977 million tons, up 8.47% year on year. By varieties, the imports of wheat, paddy, corn and barley respectively were 337,900 tons, 244,400 tons, 158,900 tons and 196,400 tons, separately up 39.94%, -14.91%, 83.92% and -38.33% year on year. In addition, the monthly import volume of DDGS was 90,000 tons, down 79.43% year on year and 49.58% month on month.

The import volume of wheat, corn, paddy, barley, sorghum, dry cassava, cassava starch and DDGS totally was 2.838 million tons, down 2.26% year on year.

As for the CIF price of imported products, the import price of all products decreased to some extent, and the price included taxes saw a great decline.

Grain products: total export volume of flour, corn starch and modified starch was 26,800 tons which can be converted into about 41,300 tons raw grains, up 26.50% year on year. By varieties, the export volume of flour, corn starch and modified starch respectively were 5,248 tons, 14,730 tons and 6,868 tons, respectively up -14.23%, 32.77% and 71.30% year on year. Along with the changing of international macroeconomic situation, the demand for exporting would ascend obviously and further processed products possibly would influence domestic supply-demand and market price, so relative departments must strengthen market monitoring in order to assure the stabilization of domestic grain supply-demand and the prices.

Total import volume of cereal products was 28.000 tons which can be converted into about 43,000 tons raw grains, down 9.84% year on year. By varieties, the import volume of modified starch, flour and corn starch respectively were 28,000 tons, 2,872 tons and 125 tons, separately down 10.83%, up 1.13% and down 28.5% year on year.

In January, the total export volume (converted into raw grains) of main grains and their products was 140,000 tons, up 1.39 times year on year. Total import volume (converted into raw grains) was 2.02 million tons, up 8.01% year on year.

From the perspective of current market situation, trade profits brings limited influence on exporting and grain exports won’t ascend; providing support for agricultural productivity improvement and convenience for land transfer, especially equal pension for old farmers, can only effectively raise agricultural productivity.

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