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The Suspension of White-Feather GP Breeder Imports from Spanish Brings Little Influence on China’s Breeder Supply

China Agriculture Report By CnAgri2017-03-13 09:59:01China Agriculture Report Print

On February 23rd, highly pathogenic H5N8 bird flu broke out in a duck farm in Catalonia of Spanish. After America, France, the Netherlands and Poland, Spanish’s white-feather GP breeders are not allowed into China because of bird flu. So, New Zealand becomes the only original country of China’s white-feather GP breeder imports.

Because of the issue of quarantine clause, China has suspended the imports from New Zealand for two months and would resume importing in middle March or April. It was learned that the imports from Cobb and Aviagen would be 0.15-0.2 million sets and 0.3 million sets in 2017.

2016 China’s GP breeder imports were estimated to 0.6 million sets. With the addition of 16,000 birds of GGP breeders imported by Yisheng in November that can release 0.2 million sets of capacity in 2017, white-feather breeders almost can meet domestic demand.

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