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China Bans Mixed Waste Paper Imports, Domestic Waste Paper Price Will Rise

China Agriculture Report By CnAgri2017-09-05 09:28:45China Agriculture Report Print In recent years, waste paper pulp accounted for 65% of all paper making raw material which was mainly for producing cardboard paper, corrugated paperboard and white board, including more than 5,000 tons of domestic waste paper and 28 - 29 million tons of imported waste paper, accounting for 64% and 36% of the waste paper consumption respectively. China imported 28.5 million tons of waste paper in 2016, including mixed waste paper at 5.69 million tons, accounting for about 20%. From January to July this year, China imported 17 million tons of waste paper, up 3.62% year on year. The prices of imported waste paper had been rising continuously since March 2016. From January to July this year, the average price of imported waste paper reached 223.21 USD/MT, up 33.6% year on year. In consideration of the impact of currency rates, the growth was more obvious.
On August 16, 2017, Ministry of Environmental Protection, Ministry of Commerce and other five ministries jointly issued The catalogue of imported waste management (2017): the mixed waste paper is on the list of prohibited import articles which will be implemented since December 31, 2017. In August, paper plants across the country were taking turns to raise waste paper prices and the highest reached 400 RMB/MT. In July the national average price was 1,821.72 RMB/MT, up 47.50% year on year. By July 28, 2017, waste paper price had reached 1919.19 RMB/MT. By August 28, the price of A-grade straw board reached 2,400 RMB/MT in Jiangsu and Zhejiang, 2,200 RMB/MT in Shandong, up 15% and 6% respectively compared with early August.
According to BOABC, waste paper imports is expected to reduce to a certain degree; total imports may be around 25 million tons, the price may be around 250 USD/MT, waste paper supply may be short, therefore, domestic waste paper prices may continue to be pushed up.

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