China Sugar Market Monthly Report

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Price: RMB10000/YEAR(English Version) RMB5000/YEAR(Chinese Version)

China Sugar Market Monthly Report 201112

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Brief Introduction:

It is an up-to-date report mainly focusing on the latest sugar monthly market news, policies, enterprises info, monthly prices of sugar products and price trend. At the end of every month, the import and export date for all kind of sugar will be supplied.

Basic Information:

Author: CNAGRI
Key Words: Sugar Market News, Policies, Enterprises Info, Prices, Price Trend, Export and Import Data
Delivery: via E-mail
Price: Chinese Version RMB5000Yuan/YEAR; English Version RMB10000Yuan/YEAR

Table of Contents:

Market Issues: It covers dynamic issues related to policies, technologies, development, trade, etc in the field of sugar industry and its correlated industry.
Analysis & Forecast: It makes an in-depth analysis on changing factors, production and consumption in sugar market as to grasp the impact of policies at home and abroad on domestic sugar industry and its correlated industry.
Price Trend: It monitors average wholesale and retail prices in sugar market as to forecast the future prices.
Import and Export Trade: It contains a precise and timely information including export and import volume and price.
Monthly Analysis Report on China Sugar Market is prepared based on the data information from State Statistics Bureau, State Economics and Trade Committee, State Customs Bureau, Industry Associations, Newspaper and Magazines and local statistic bureaus. Some of the data have been the monitoring result of Beijing Orient Agribusiness Consultant, Ltd. After analysis and consolidation of all the data, we present an insightful report for readers.
The report will be issued at the beginning of each month. It can be subscribed by email in a format of PDF. If you require WORD format or print copy, please contact our company.
Target Readers
Research and Information department of sugar cultivating and processing companies; soft drinks contained sugar, dairy products, canned food and baking companies that can utilize sugar, traders, investment banks, government, embassies; and companies, individuals and research institutes that are planning to enter the sugar industry.
Price and Services
Chinese Version of Report on China Sugar Market is RMB 4000/year, English version RMB 9000 /year. Along with the subscription, readers can enjoy the professional information consulting services as well as other value-added services.
Monthly Sales of Sugar of 06/07-10/11 Campaigns
The following figure shows that the months with good sales of sugar in China are often from December to February and around July. September to November has the least sales volume. This has a lot to do with seasonal changes in sugar production and consumption.
Monthly Sales of Sugar of 06/07-10/11 Campaigns
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