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Analysis on Cost and Benefit Change of Main Crops and its Impact on Food Production in 2017

China Agriculture Report By CnAgri2017-03-28 13:11:54China Agriculture Report Print

Three main food crops: per unit area yield of three main food crops was 6982kg/hectare in 2016, decreasing 0.41% from the year before; considering that the comprehensive price of these three crops has dropped 8.24% since 2016/17, farmers’ price is predicted to be 2140yuan/ton; the output value was 15329yuan/hectare, decreasing 7.9% year on year. Farmers’ cash income was 7924yuan/hectare, decreasing 13.37% from the year before. Per unit area yield, output value and cash income all significantly decreased to varying degrees, which has adverse influence on the production of three main food crops in 2017.

From production cost, total planting cost of grain crops was 16554yuan/hectare in 2016, increasing 1.24% from the year before; of which, cash cost was 7405yuan/hectare, increasing 0.15% year on year. In terms of total cost structure, material and service cost was 6436yuan/hectare, increasing 0.94% year on year; labor cost was 6962yuan/hectare, increasing 3.78% year on year; land cost was 3156yuan/hectare, decreasing 3.38% year on year.

Profit per unit area: the net profit of these three grain crops was -1225yuan/hectare in 2016 and decreased 1518yuan/hectare from the year before, reaching a cost-profit ratio of -7.48% which was the second negative value since 2000.

Production expectation in 2017: according to development trend of grain per unit area yield, and agricultural material and grain prices in Jan. and Feb. (similarly hereinafter), the output value will be 14692yuan/hectare in main producing areas in 2017; per unit area loss will reach 1986yuan/hectare, the cost-profit ratio of grain planting will further drop to 12.04%, a historical low level.


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