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H7N9 poultry vaccine will appear on the market, and disease control level of poultry is raised.

China Agriculture Report By CnAgri2017-06-13 09:41:35China Agriculture Report Print

The Veterinary Authority of the MOA published official document on May 25 that it will give out H7 sub-type avian influenza vaccine to highly pathogenic avian influenza vaccine manufacturers to produce virus seed. H7N9 vaccine will appear in the form of H5+H7 (H5N1Re-8 strain+H7N9 H7-Re1 strain) and be launched as early as two months later.

First batch of enterprises obtaining the right of producing H7 sub-type avian influenza vaccine virus seed include QYH Biotech Company Limited, Zhaoqing Dahuanong Biopharmaceutical Co., Ltd., YEBIO, Liaoning Yikang Biological Corporation Limited, WinSun Pharm, Weike Biotechnology and Harbin Pharmaceutical Group Bio-vaccine Co., Ltd.

In order to meet the demand of controlling H7 sub-type disease, the MOA will control H7N9 by bivalent inactivated vaccine which can prevent two diseases, and farmers’ cost for immunization will not increase.

H7N9 had great impact on China’s poultry industry, the marketing of H7N9 vaccine will improve our control level on poultry diseases and be good for the sound development of poultry industry.


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