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Quality and Function Would Become the Core of Competition Among Feed Companies

China Agriculture Report By CnAgri2018-06-13 14:38:02China Agriculture Report Print Judging from current situations, the competitiveness among feed companies still depend on cutting down their prices to promote sales, except for few companies. However, seen from the trends of demand in the future, the companies must improve the quality of product so that they can grain competitive advantage. Since 2020, China would have banned the antibiotics, and medicated additives in feed would have totally withdrew from the market, which means huge challenges and development opportunities to feed companies. After the ban on antibiotics, farm households possibly would face the problems of an increase in use of feed, a growth in death rate, increasing difficulty in disease control and prevention, etc. On the one hand, farm households strengthen daily management and environmental control; on the other hand, when improving the quality and functions of feed, they give the priority to health. It mainly show in below aspects:   
1)After the ban on antibiotics in feed, supervisions on quality of feed materials would be paid more attention to. The main problems in this link are mycotoxin contamination and detoxification of raw materials, which requires feed companies to make targeted formulas in order to minimize the influence of mycotoxin on animal’s health.     
2)   Formula optimization and nutritional balance especially animal intestinal health are beneficial for improving animal’s health and immunity.
So, feed companies which are specialized in high-end products would have more and more obviously competitive advantages in the future, and the companies who gain competitive advantages mainly through sales would be getting harder and harder in the future. 
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