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The Output Value of Wood Industry Reached RMB 2.12 Trillion in 2017, Increased 6.04% YoY

China Agriculture Report By CnAgri2018-06-13 16:21:52China Agriculture Report Print
According to the statistics of of China Wood and Wood Products Circulation Association, the industrial output value reached RMB 2.12 trillion in 2017, up 6.04% year on year.
A. The output value of wooden door industry reached RMB 146 billion, up 10.6% year on year. We see double-digit revenue growth of the top 30 enterprises: the revenue growth of TATA Wooden Door, Shandong Xindi Decoration Corp recorded 50% year on year; Chongqing Meixin Maisen Doors Industry Corp grew 40%, Wanjiayuan Doors saw a growth of 30%.
B. The total sales of floor industry was 415 million ㎡, up 4.64% year on year. The sales of aggrandizement wood floor was 215 million ㎡, a year-on-year growth of 2%; the sales of parquet was 11.5 billion ㎡, a year-on-year growth of 995%; solid wood floor sales was 48 million ㎡, up 9.11% year on year. The demand of high-quality environmental protection floor grew and the performance of brand enterprises grew significantly, such as Zhejiang Huzhou Jiusheng Floors Corp and its revenue was RMB 1.55 billion, up 31.8% year on year; Power Dekor’s revenue was RMB 4.932 billion, up 10.97% year on year.
C. The output of the artificial board industry reached 315 million m³, up 4.9% year on year. Plywood was 18.2 billion m³, up 2.7% year on year. Fiberboard was 67 million m³, the same as last year; particle board was 35 million m³, up 31% year on year. The strong market demand had driven the sustained growth of the revenue of artificial board enterprises, such as Guangxi Fenglin Wood Industry Group Corp's revenue of RMB 1.2 billion, up 69% year on year; Dehua TB New Decoration Material Corp’s revenue of RMB 7.952 billion, up 47.10% year on year; Dare Global's revenue was RMB 2.047 billion, up 1.44% year on year.
D. The customized furniture industry had witnessed strong growth and the revenue growth of brand enterprises had exceeded 30%. For example, Oppein Home Group’s revenue reached RMB 9.9 billion, up 33% year on year; Kuka’s revenue reached RMB 6.69 billion, up 396% year on year; SOGAL's revenue was RMB 6.162 billion, up 36.0% year on year; Guangzhou Shangpin Zhaipei Household Articles Corp’s revenue was RMB 5.32 billion, up 32.2% year on year.
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