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Due to the increase in the supply of eggs, egg prices will decline from the high level

China Agriculture Report By CnAgri2018-09-13 16:08:58China Agriculture Report Print
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Affected by continuous high temperature and humidity, the laying rate of layers is lower than normal level, and egg supply is decreasing. Since the beginning of August, the preparation of eggs for the Middle autumn day has started successively. In addition, the new school term will begin, which will push the factory price of eggs up continuously. In August, the average wholesale price of eggs was 8.61 RMB/Kg, up by 26.98% month on month, increasing 14.43% year on year.
It’s expected that egg prices will decline to around 7 yuan/kg. The reasons are as follows:
1) With the decline of temperature, the laying rate of layer gradually returns to normal. In addition, eggs stored in cold storage impacts the market, egg supply will increase.
2)China’s inventory of layer in August 2018 was 1.328 billion birds, increasing 0.23% month on month, increasing 4.67% year on year. Because the famers have increased restocking, it is expected that the inventory of layers will increase.
3) Moon cake has largely appeared on the market in supermarket and online stores, most food processing factories have stopped preparing eggs, and the purchase of eggs has declined.
4) Egg prices gradually dropped in late August. On August 31 , 2018, the farmgate price of eggs was 8.48 RMB/kg, down 10.37% from last week.
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