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Reducing almond harvest dust benefits growers, public

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However, Willmott explained at a recent Almond Board of California (ABC) workshop on harvest practices that steps taken to avoid dust drifting into neighborhoods and traffic include blowing dust back into the orchard and using the tree canopy as a natural filter.

“People love our product — but they may not love living next to your orchards,” said Gabriele Ludwig, ABC director of sustainability and environmental affairs.

In often blunt terms, she cautioned growers that industry expansion has put them in the public spotlight, and under the scrutiny of regulators, environmental activist groups, the media, and a generation-changing population.

Millennials - those who reached young adulthood by 2000 - are among those who are unflinchingly demanding more information about how their food is produced.

“You need to tell your story,” Ludwig said. “Others are trying to define us, and we need factual information to counter the stories they tell.”

To document the story, the Almond Board collects information on steps being taken to enhance sustainability.

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