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China Agriculture Report By CnAgri2015-03-16 10:49:40China Agriculture Report Print
On 9 March, Board Chairman of Shuanghui, the representatives of the two conferences (NPC and CPPCC) referred that China should abolish live pig designated killing and replaced by license system.
According to the second rules in chapter one of State “Live hog slaughtering management regulation”: Without a fixed point, no units or individuals shall engage in pig slaughtering, expect self slaughter for self eating in rural area. Based on commerce ministry’s data, by 2012 there was totally 4585 live hog slaughtering factories.
BOABC knows that: firstly, China households mainly consume hot and cold fresh pork, which restrained our pork trade’s transport radius. Thus live hog slaughtering enterprise must construct nearby consumption area. Secondly, in China there are half rural residents and half urban residents, while in rural area 90% was hot fresh pork. BOABC thinks that scale development is China live hog industry’s development direction, hut now our consumption style is mix. Thus live pig designated killing is still the most suitable live pork consumption policy.

From “China Livestock and Feed Market Weekly Report”
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