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per unit area yield of paddy in main producing areas was 7409kg/hectare in 2016

China Agriculture Report By CnAgri2017-03-28 13:16:45China Agriculture Report Print

Costs and benefits of paddy planting: per unit area yield of paddy in main producing areas was 7409kg/hectare in 2016 (converted into 5930kg unpolished rice/hectare), increasing 0.26% from the year before; output value was 17919yuan/hectare, decreasing 0.63% year on year. Farmers’ cash income was 11160yuan/hectare, decreasing 2.15% from the year before.

From production cost, total planting cost of paddy was 17919yuan/hectare in 2016, decreasing 0.63% from the year before; of which, cash cost was 8637yuan/hectare, decreasing 2.96% year on year. In terms of cost structure, material and service cost was 6910yuan/hectare, increasing 3.43% year on year; labor cost was 7891yuan/hectare, increasing 3.43% year on year; land cost was 3118yuan/hectare, decreasing 3.25% year on year.

Profit per unit area: the net profit was 2137yuan/hectare in 2016, decreasing 18.76% from the year before; paddy was the only crop reaching obvious profit among these three corps.

Production expectation in 2017: the output value is predicted to be 19800yuan/hectare, of which, cash income will be 10817yuan/hectare. The cost will be 18019yuan/hectare, of which, cash cost is 8728yuan/hectare. Per unit area profit will reach 1783yuan/hectare, the cost-profit ratio of paddy planting will drop to 9.9%, a historical low level. Paddy production situation still is not optimistic.

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