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Newly added capacity of Muyuan increased sharply, and its hog slaughter is predicted to reach 6.33 million head in 2017

China Agriculture Report By CnAgri2017-04-27 10:05:06China Agriculture Report Print

In Q1, 2017, the sales volume and the sales income of hogs of Muyuan were 1.2410 million head and 1.969 billion yuan, respectively increasing 154.30% and 116.85% year on year. Sharp growth in slaughter comes from the farms which were newly built in 2015 and have gone into operation.

Muyuan raised 1 billion yuan in 2015, in addition, it raised fund by issuing bonds in 2016, now Muyuan has formally entered into acceleration period of development. Hog slaughter of the company in 2016 was 3.11 million head, and the newly added capacity of hogs is predicted to reach 3.22 million head in 2017 and 1.555 million head in 2018 according to the hog capacity invested and released in 2015/16.

In the overall context that hog prices slowly decreases and supply is basically balanced with demand, Muyuan increases sales volume to offset the decline in sales prices to promote the sharp growth in performance. It’s predicted that the company’s hog slaughter will be about 6.33 million head in 2017.


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