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Along with a Reduction in Paddy Planting Areas in 2018, Fertilizer Companies Need to Change Production and Marketing Mod

China Agriculture Report By CnAgri2018-05-16 10:37:00China Agriculture Report Print
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cording to Focus of Work of Planting Industry in 2018 released by the Ministry of Agriculture, northeast would focus on cutting down japonica rice areas in cold-field production regions with low yield and the Yangtze River Basin would emphasize the reduction in indica rice areas in double-cropping planting areas, who would strive to cut paddy areas down 10 million mu. The reduction in paddy areas would change the varieties and consumption of fertilizer products used in the northeast and the Yangtze River, which would bring certain influence on production and marketing of fertilizer companies.           
For fertilizer production, due to the changes of varieties and consumption of fertilizer used, fertilizer producers need to adjust the existing plan of production. Generally, the proportion of absorption-amount of N, P and K by paddy is around 2:1:2. After reduction in paddy areas, due to the changes in use of N-fertilizer, P-fertilizer and K-fertilizer for different crops, fertilizer companies need to make adjustments and plans on fertilizer production techniques, fertilizer formula, dealers’ training, etc.  
For fertilizer marketing, after the reduction in paddy areas, the adjustments would be done: varieties of fertilizer, marketing channels, market networks and product distribution, salesmen assignment, production techniques, promoting measures, and the rate of return on sales. 
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