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Registration of Bio-Pesticides in Egypt

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Egypt is a predominant agricultural country with nearly half of the population undertaking farming. Agricultural economy in the entire national economy accounts for a larger proportion. Egypt pesticides mainly rely on imports, and domestic pesticide production accounts for 25%-30% of throughout pesticide usage.

1.Sectors for pesticide registration management in Egypt
Ministry of Agriculture in Egypt is the main sector responsible for the pesticide management. The sub-sectors covering Pesticide Recommendations and Registration Committee (PRRC), Central Agricultural Pesticide Laboratory (CAPL), Pesticides Control Authority (PCA) and the Agricultural Promotion Bureau and CropLife Association and non-gov organizations take charge of the detailed pesticide management.

Pesticide Recommendation and Registration Committee (PRRC) is responsible for the evaluation of pesticide registration information, pesticide registration approvals and licence issuance, label approvals and import permit etc. Central Agricultural Pesticide Laboratory (CAPL) is the major barriers for Egypt pesticide import and export. The pesticides only through CAPL test are allowed to enter the Egypt market. Its main duties are to check the pesticide product labeling and packaging; detecte and analyze samples of pesticides in order to ensure consistency and standards; determine residue limits and safety interval according to the actual situation of different regions; issue documents for pesticide import product, trade , sales, transportation, production and storage; periodic check on pesticides on the market; ensure that products meet quality standards and through legal ways into Egypt. Pesticides Control Authority (PCA) with responsibility for the implementation of the national integrated pest management strategies. Agricultural Promotion Bureau is mainly responsible for overseeing field trials and making recommendations for pesticide use. CropLife Association mainly involve in the management of pesticide distribution proof and make suggestions for 3209 ministerial decree and help raise farmers' awareness of pesticides use.

2. Requirement of biopesticides registration
Authorization letter from the producer company to local company to register, import and distribute the product in Egypt; registration certificate for the product in its original country; certificate of analysis for the product including the active and inert ingredients percent; quality guarantee certificate for the physical and chemical properties of the product from the producer company. In case of repacking by the local company, the mother company should guarantee the product after repacking; the original label of the product in its original country; material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for the product;acute toxicity studies for the product.; chronic toxicity studies for the active ingredient; ecotoxicity studies for the product.; method of analysis of the product.; method of residue analysis of the product in the target crops; certificate of definition and percentage of relevant impurities. Method of relevant impurities; recent position and classification of the product in EC, EPA and international organizations; PHI, MRL, and ADI of the product suggested from international organizations, EC and EPA; certificate of analysis for the product issued from the Central Agricultural Pesticides Laboratory (CAPL); certificate of analysis for the relevant impurities issued from the CAPL; certificate of local PHI issued from the CAPL; finally, certificate of registration is issued upon the recommendation after the field experiment for two sequent and symmetric seasons.; validity of registration certificate is six years.

3. Biopesticide registration fee and time in Egypt
Registration of biopesticides need two years in different provinces , field trials of different plots ; prepare registration pilot project in June each year ; biopesticide per year per dose effect on single crop , single pest experiment cost about $ 2,200 ; product analysis cost for each experiment year about $ 150 ; once every six years, impurity analysis , fingerprint analysis and registration analysis fee total about $ 600.

4. Some biopesticides registered in Egypt
Currently, biopesticides registered in Egypt include: bacillus megaterium; bacillus subtilis (Egyptian isolates); bacillus thuringiensis subsp. Kurstaki; beauveria bassiana; phthorimaea operculella granulosis (Local strain); trichoderma album; trichoderma harzianum.

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