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Log Price Index Went down 0.32% MoM, up 4.67% YoY

China Agriculture Report By CnAgri2018-06-13 16:26:49China Agriculture Report Print
In May, the average log price index was 1,121.84 points, down 3.58 points or 0.32% month on month, up 50.01 points or 4.67% year on year. Of which, domestic log price index was 1,112.28 points, down 1.23 points or 0.11% month on month, down 6.7 points or 0.6% year on year; Imported log price index was 1,110.59 points, down 3.46 points or 0.31% month on month, up 55.66 points or 5.28% year on year. 

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