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Report on China’s Raw Milk Powder Market Supply and Demand

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Raw milk powder (including whole milk powder and skimmed milk powder) are the major dry milk products in China. As important milk-based raw material products, raw milk powder is widely applied in processing and manufacturing industries such as formula milk powder, dairy beverage, reconstituted milk, soybean milk powder, ice cream, bakery products, and daily chemicals. With an annual output of nearly 1 million tons, China is one of the main raw milk powder (mainly whole milk powder) producers in the world, and also the biggest raw milk powder consumer in the world with an annual consumption of over 1.5 million tons. Domestic-produced raw milk powder is unable to meet the increasing demand both in quantity and in quality. Going through several setbacks, China’s raw milk powder industry reached its peak in 2006-2007 when there was a booming demand of raw milk powder (especially whole milk powder) in the international market. Therefore, China’s raw milk powder industry created a historical new record and the price of raw milk powder kept on increasing. Meanwhile, due to the increasing demand, capitals inside and outside the industry all entered the raw milk powder industry, which led to an unprecedented growth of newly-added and expanded production capacity. However, in 2008, the demand for raw milk powder in the international market went down, and the melamine events also stroke a serious blow on China’s raw milk powder industry. Due to the serious credit crisis in China’s domestic-produced raw milk powder industry, imported raw milk powder enjoyed unprecedented favor. The credit of domestic raw milk powder recovered to a certain extent in recent years due to the regulation of the market, China’s import of raw milk powder still increased once and again as the price-quality ratio of domestic raw milk powder is not as good as that of imported products. Especially, China’s import of raw milk powder from New Zealand reached the trigger level ahead of time once and again. In the recent decade, China’s production and sales of raw milk powder kept an overall increase despite the setbacks. Due to the great demand of raw milk powder in domestic market and the increasing dependence of domestic consumers upon imported raw milk powder, there is a great space for further increase in the gap which domestic milk powder is unable to bridge.   
This report mainly researches into the status quo of China’s raw milk powder market and the predictable prospect. The data quoted in the report not only include data from home and abroad, but also, more importantly, data acquired by researchers who conducted field investigation. The research method of this report integrates both paper work and field investigation, which combines a number of ways such as on-spot visit and telephone interview, etc. The investigated institutes include whole milk powder importers, traders and dealers, as well as the production enterprises and industry associations of dairy products, bakery food, and soybean milk powder industry. The content of this report includes the overall development of China’s raw milk powder industry, the policy environment of raw milk powder industry, import and export of raw milk powder, basic condition of raw milk powder market, raw milk powder market capacity and growth trend, competition and main competitors in raw milk powder market, profit of raw milk powder industry, as well as the future development of raw milk powder market. This report is written by senior researchers who are familiar with China’s diary industry chain and the world dairy industry, and will be an important reference for production enterprises, investment institutions, and other researchers trying to learn about and explore China’s raw milk powder market home and abroad. 

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