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The structure of GP whiter breeder species in China has changed, with Hubbard ranking first

China Agriculture Report By CnAgri2018-05-23 11:15:03China Agriculture Report Print
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In China, GP whiter broiler breeders mainly relies on imports. At present, the main breeds of commercial white broilers are AA+, Ross, Cobb and Hubbard. Due to the severe situation of international bird flu, China’s introduction channels and breeds of GP breeders have constantly changed, making the structure of GP white breeder species changed, and Hubbard has taken the lead.
On the one hand, due to restrictions on import channels and import quotas, AA+ and Rose 308 imports have been declining in recent years. In 2017, the import volume of these two species accounted for 30.75% and 18.16% of China’s total introduction of broiler breeders, respectively, down 13.08 and 22.00% from 2014.
On the other hand, the number of GGP white broilers imported from France Hubbard Breeders increased. Shandong Yisheng Livestock & Poultry Breeding Co., Ltd. is the largest company in China that rears GP broiler breeders and parental breeders. In 2016, Yisheng Livestock & Poultry Breeding Co., Ltd. introduced GGP white broilers which are mainly used by itself from Hubbard Breeders in France, and the imports were still included in the introduction quota for GP chickens. In 2017, the newly increased number of GP breeders from Hubbard accounted for 34.75% of China’s total introduction of GP breeders, an increase of 32.46 % over 2014.
Although the proportion of Hubbard GP breeders has increased significantly, the population of Hubbard commercial broilers is relatively low due to the fact that Hubbard commercial broilers are still in the marketing stage. The future increase will be affected by the performance of breeders and marketing efficiency of Hubbard as well as competition with other species. 

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