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China Aquatic Products Wholesales in 2013

China Agriculture Report By CnAgri2014-01-27 09:42:13China Agriculture Report Print

According to statistics of 80 aquatic products wholesale markets by MOA, average wholesale price was RMB20.95/M/Kg in 2013, up 6.79% on year-on-year basis. Specifically, average price for sea products and fresh water products was RMB37.95/MT and RMB14.6/Kg respectively, up 6.18% and 7.39% respectively on year-on-year basis. Based on another statistics on 47 aquatic products wholesale markets, the transaction quantity of aquatic products was 7.441 million MT in 2013, valuing 136.698 billion yuan, up 5.44% and 9.02% respectively on year-on-year basis.

Prices for some key varieties:

1. South America White Shrimp Production down Price up:

In the first half year of 2013, continuous rainy weather caused frequent disease of shrimp and low success rate of shrimp breeding, so market supply was inadequate. In the Q3, frequent typhoon seriously damaged shrimp breeding bases and aggravated outbreaks of shrimp disease, resulting in large area death of shrimp. Inadequate supply promoted white shrimp price to rise.

2. Portunid Harvest Brought Significant Price Decline

In 2013, portunid production was more than expected and its monthly average price was lower than the same period in 2012 except Spring Festival.

3. High-end Consumption Limits Led to Abalone Price Decline

Influenced by central government’s policy, consumption of some high-end aquatic products slumped, including abalone. Dragged by supply increase and demand decline, abalone price kept declining in 2013.

4. Grass Carp Price Began to Recover

Grass carp price began dropping since 2011 with continuous growth of production and some farmers quited from grass carp breeding to avoid loss, which caused supply decline, so price for grass carp began to recover in 2013.

From “China Livestock and Feed Market Weekly Report”


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