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Heilongjiang province became the largest province in terms of hog investment in the first half of 2017

China Agriculture Report By CnAgri2017-07-24 14:53:24China Agriculture Report Print It’s the deadline of farm removal in breeding-prohibited areas in 2017, many small farmers speed up exiting the industry, large scale agricultural and animal husbandry enterprises also quicken the step of investing in hog breeding. From the regional layout of hog breeding of large scale enterprises in the first half of 2017, northern area still is the key area of hog breeding investment, and Heilongjiang has become the largest province in terms of investment and designed capacity.
We analyze the investment in hog breeding in the first half of 2017, and the specific situations are as follows:
Various large scale agricultural and animal husbandry enterprises accumulatively invested 61.352 billion yuan in hog breeding industry, of which, the investment in Heilongjiang, Sichuan and Inner Mongolia respectively was 12.733 billion yuan, 8.807 billion yuan and 4.75 billion yuan, respectively accounting for 20.75%, 14.35% and 2.83%.
The designed production capacity is 35.3866 million head which includes 9 million head in Heilongjiang, 2.9 million head in Sichuan and 2.75 million head in Inner Mongolia, respectively accounting for 25.435, 8.20% and 7.77%. Regardless of the investment or the designed capacity, Heilongjiang has become the most favored province of agricultural and animal husbandry enterprises in terms of hog breeding.
The exit of a large numbers of individual farmers and the guidance of national policy stimulate large scale enterprises to seize the market in Heilongjiang and Inner Mongolia and successively increase investment.
After the designed capacity is released and hogs are put into market in the future, the corresponding pollution pressure and the impact of regional supply and demand changes will appear, so investors should take these factors into account. 

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