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Regional Concentration of Crops Provides Vaster Market Potentials for Agricultural Materials Companies

China Agriculture Report By CnAgri2017-11-24 10:17:10China Agriculture Report Print
Along the developing of agriculture, various crops are concentrating on the best producing area, forming special cash crop planting areas such as Luochuan apple planting area, Ganzhou naval orange planting area, Zhouzhi and Meixian kiwi planting area and Zhengyang peanut planting area. Forming the complete industrial service system around certain crop provides support to growers before, during and after production; it also provides opportunities to specialized companies and dealers, for example: Xi’an Beinonghua’s focus on grape, Tazhou Agricultural Materials’ focus on watermelon and citrus, Beijing Dongchengshengshi’s focus on potato, Nanjing Nannong Pesticide’s focus on wheat, Huasheng Sannong’s focus on apple, etc. Focusing on certain crop makes agricultural materials companies more competitive in the local. 
Taking Huasheng Sannong’s apple for example, Huasheng Sannong adopts the service mode “agricultural materials distributed to farmers, technologies serviced to parks and apple purchasing stations, providing all-round and comprehensive service of technologies, agricultural materials and apple purchasing to fruit growers during the process of apple production; currently, Hausheng’s service has covered more 2 million mu of orchard in 15 counties such as Luochuan, Fuxian, Yichuan, Yanchang, Huangling, Huanglong, Yijun, Baishui, Chengcheng, Heyang, Xunyi, Liquan, Binxian, Changwu, Qianxian, and one region, Baota Region. According to the expenses of agricultural materials at 500 RMB/mu, the market of agricultural materials for 2-million-mu apple park would reach 100 RMB, and in addition of apple purchasing and selling, the market size would reach several billions.
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