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Farmland Rotation and Fallow Areas Would be 12 Million Mu, and the Demand for Fertilizer Would Decrease by More 1.2 Mill

China Agriculture Report By CnAgri2017-11-23 16:56:56China Agriculture Report Print
The areas of farmland rotation and fallow pilots in 2017 would reach 12 million mu, relating to 192 counties (cities) of 9 provinces (regions) such as Heilongjiang, Hebei and Hunan. The increase in farmland rotation and fallow would make fertilizer demand reduce.
(1) Farmland is around 2 billion mu in China now, and the areas of rotation and fallow pilots are 12 million mu, equivalent to 0.6% of national farmland areas, which makes fertilizer demand decrease by 0.6%. Fertilizer consumption in China is around 200 million MT (nutrient), and the demand for fertilizer is down around 1.2 million MT. 
(2) Leaving land uncultivated was not allowed and even was been punished ago in order to improve grain output, but along with the promoting of farmland rotation and fallow policy, the phenomenon of leaving land uncultivated is more obvious, which can lead to a further reduction in fertilizer use. 
(3) Currently, farmland rotation and fallow is in the initial stage, and fallow areas would be gradually increasing in the future. According to the situations of agricultural structure adjustment and grain supply and demand, the scale of farmland rotation and fallow pilots would be gradually growing, for example: 2017 fallow areas would be 5.46 million mu higher than 2016, and the demand for fertilizer would decrease by half million MT.
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