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The prices of white broiler chicks increased rapidly, hatching enterprises got rid of continuous losses

China Agriculture Report By CnAgri2017-12-12 16:41:27China Agriculture Report Print
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In last week, the average price of while broiler chicks was 3.19yuan/bird, up 33.75% from last week and 20.08% year on year. Hatching enterprises realized profit again after early August and finally got rid of the long-term losses.
(1) Hatching enterprises suffered great losses in earlier stage, some enterprises eliminated parental breeders, so the chicks for selling decreased and chicks prices increased.
(2) Since December 6, hatching enterprises have successively entered two-week hatching-stopping period, affected by which, chick supply will decrease to some extent later.
(3) Recently, broiler chicks fluctuated up. In last week, the price of broiler chicks averagely was 7.90yuan/kg, up 5.56% from the week earlier and 12.79% year on year. The profit of raising broiler was about 3yuan/kg, farmers are comparatively active in restocking, and chick price moved up driven by demand.
Driven by demand and supply, the price of white broiler chicks is predicted to fluctuate at a high level later.

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