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Impacts of the Intensified Sino-US Trade War on Fruit Markets2018-07-11
Analysis of investment in grain planting2018-07-10
Analysis of China's Major Grain Planting Industry in 2017/2018 and Prospect in 20182018-07-10
Analysis of food price trends in 20182018-07-10
Influenced by Expectation of an Increase in Potash Contract Prices, Domestic Potash Prices Ascended 2018-07-10
China-U.S. Trade Frictions are Partly Good for Fertilizer Market, But Fertilizer Companies Still Need to Improve Themselves 2018-07-10
Along with Relatively Great Market Fluctuations, Soybean Meal Prices Would Maintain at a High Level Until 20192018-06-27
It Would Bring Limited Influence on Supply and Prices of Corn in the Short Term2018-06-27
Imposing Taxes on Agricultural Product Imports from the USA Would Bring Little Influence on Corn Market, but Would Make Soybean Meal Prices Maintain at a High Level for a Long Time2018-06-27
Seneca virus has appeared in China, farms should be alert to the potential impact on China's pig breeding industry2018-06-27
Summer consumption will enter the off-season and the price of eggs will continue to be low2018-06-27
The prohibition of hog farming for environmental protection accelerates the withdrawal of small farmers, promotes the expansion of large groups, and hog raising or will suffer heavy losses in 20192018-06-27
China Imported 13.3258 Million Cubic Meters of Korean Pine and Camphor Pine in 2017, up 7.2% YoY2018-06-13
The Output Value of Wood Industry Reached RMB 2.12 Trillion in 2017, Increased 6.04% YoY2018-06-13
New-Type Fertilizer Companies Mainly Depend on Exporting and Government Procurement 2018-06-13
How Do Chinese Fertilizer Companies Achieve an Increase in Both Operating Revenues and Profits?2018-06-13
Operating Revenues of Fertilizer Companies Listed on National Equities Exchange and Quotations Kept Increasing, but Thei2018-06-13
Quality and Function Would Become the Core of Competition Among Feed Companies2018-06-13
A Long-Term Loss of Hog Farming Dragged Down Feed Consumption, so Operating Profits of Feed in 2018 Possibly Would Go Do2018-06-13
June Corn Prices Still Would Maintain at Low Level2018-06-13
Operating Revenues of Listed Feed Companies in the First Quarter of 2018 Increased, but the Profits Generally Dropped 2018-06-08
Temporarily-Stored Auctions Pushed Down Corn Prices, and Northeastern Further Processing Companies Gained High Profits2018-06-08
Corn Prices Would Go Down in the Near Future, but the Decline Would be Limited2018-06-08
Along with the Increasing Warehouse-out of Temporarily-Stored Corn Auctioned, May Corn Prices in the Producing and Consu2018-06-08
Industrial consumption of grain and corn2018-06-08
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