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Why Were Rotation Corn Reserves in Shanxi Dealt Actively?2018-02-08
A Continuous Growth in Corn Prices is Not Good for Planting Structure Adjustment in the Northeast2018-02-08
The Government Released Regulation Policies Frequently to Stabilize the Prices of Fertilizer for Spring Ploughing2018-02-08
Along with Relatively Saturated Demand, MAP Prices Possibly Would Go down in the Short Term2018-02-08
Because of A Slow Progress of Soybean Meal Replenishment before Chinese New Year, Soybean Meal Would Face Obvious Pressu2018-02-07
February Corn Prices Would Stabilize2018-02-07
Anti-subsidy and Anti-Dumping Investigations on Sorghum Imports from America Would Aggravate the Situation of a Tight Su2018-02-07
In 2017, the newly added volume of GP white breeders was 560,000 sets, down 10.26% year on year2018-01-25
China’s hog capacity has recovered, and pork production increased by 0.77% in 20172018-01-25
Gansu Shikefeng’s 0.6-Million-Ton New-Type Fertilizer Project Saw a Successful Trial Run 2018-01-17
Gansu Shikefeng’s 0.6-Million-Ton New-Type Fertilizer Project Saw a Successful Trial Run 2018-01-17
Main Listed Fertilizer Companies’ Performance in 2017 Improved Obviously2018-01-17
Why Didn’t Water Soluble Fertilizer Prices Ascend With Increasing Fertilizer Prices? 2018-01-17
Rotation Corn Reserves in Shanxi was Dealt Actively, but it Brings Limited Influence on Current Corn Market2018-01-17
Pork supply increased in 2017, and hog price is predicted to be about 14.5yuan/kg in 20182018-01-11
Industrial Development of Peanut Oil Helps Increase Peanut Planting Area and Output in China2018-01-04
Concentration Ratio of China's Soybean Crushing Industry Will Further Enhance2018-01-04
What are the main factors restricting the rapid development of China's poultry probiotics industry?2018-01-04
Antibiotics alternatives have greater market potential, but star products are in shortage in domestic2018-01-04
Rapid expansion of large scale layer enterprises in 2017 accelerates the process of scale farming of layers2018-01-04
A Tight Supply of Natural Gas Would Have Limited Influence on Urea Prices in the Long Term2017-12-22
Will Professional and Intelligent Fertilization Service Be the Means of Transformation and Upgrading of Fertilizer Indus2017-12-22
CP Signed Investment Agreement on Hog Integration Project with Menyuan, Haibeizhou, Qinghai2017-12-22
December Corn Prices Would See a Limited Growth2017-12-22
More Companies explore Liquid Infant Formula Market in China2017-12-13
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