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2017 Temporarily-Stored Corn Auction Achieved Multi-Win Policy Effects

China Agriculture Report By CnAgri2017-11-02 10:28:32China Agriculture Report Print By the end of October, 2017 temporarily-stored corn auction would have come to an end, and corn auctions almost achieved multi-win policy effects. 
First, temporarily-stored corn auction has high trading volume, effectively relieving stock pressure. Along with the starting of auction since May, corn trading volume has exceeded 57 million MT, and temporarily-stored corn stocks decrease to below 180 million MT. 
Second, judging from trading structure, trading volume of corn produced in 2012 and ago approaches to 2 million MT, and trading volume of corn produced in 2013 reached 30 million MT. Namely, overdue-storage corn most has been dealt, which can avoid the loss of storage. 
Third, 2017 temporarily-stored corn auction shows the features of high trading volume and low warehouse-out. Controlling auction price and the pace of warehouse-out efficiently can meet the market demand for corn and also stabilize the market price.     
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