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China's Radiata Pine Imports Increased 21.3% and Reached 18.52 Million Cubic Meters in 2017

China Agriculture Report By CnAgri2018-04-08 15:56:47China Agriculture Report Print
In 2017, China’s Radiata Pine imports (log + converted timber) increased 21.3% and reached 18.52 million cubic meters. The following shows the characteristics of China's Radiata Pine imports in 2017:
A.    The proportion of log imports increased slightly to 93.5%, an increase of 1.3 percentage point from 2016.
B.    In 2017, converted timber imports increased 22.9%, up 2.0% from 2016;
C.   The concentration ratio of importing countries is relatively high, more than 99% of the Radiata Pine imports came from the following three countries: New Zealand 75.5%; Australia, 19.5%; Chile, 4.2%.
The annual average prices of the imported logs and converted timber were 129.0 USD/cubic meter and 245.5 USD/cubic meter, which increased 13.0%、2.17% respectively.

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