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Dairy Consumption and Packaging Trend2018-08-09
China Raw Milk Production Expands 1% in First Half of 20182018-08-09
Soybean Imports in June Increased 13% YoY, Vegetable Oil Grew 35% YoY2018-08-08
Sunrise Group, a Major Financing Soybean Importer Went Bankrupt2018-08-08
Overall Quality of New Season Rapeseed of 2018 Is Better than That of Last Year, Jiangxi and Sichuan Are Outstanding2018-08-08
Chinese and American Governments Finding Ways for Agricultural Products Due to Trade War2018-08-08
Owing to Advance Payment Behind in Payment, The Operating Rate of NPK Companies was Relatively Low2018-08-08
An Increase in Fertilizer Prices Pushes up Grain Costs and Cuts Down the Profits 2018-08-08
Compound Feed Prices Dropped,Costs Went up, and Margins Shrank Slightly2018-08-01
Soybean Meal Prices Went up Slightly, and Rapeseed Meal and Cottonseed Meal Prices Stabilized2018-08-01
After a Ban on Antibiotics, Feed and Farming Sectors Would Face Great Challenges 2018-08-01
Chinese companies have suspended importing GP breeders from Poland, which has little impact on the domestic breeder market2018-08-01
Hog slaughter increased in the first half of 2018, while hog inventory declined to varying degrees.2018-08-01
Composite price2018-07-25
Analysis of agricultural meteorology by regions2018-07-25
Along with the Weakening of Feel-Good Policies, 2018 China’s Fertilizer Exports Would Go Down2018-07-25
Due to the Delay of Sighing Big Potash Contracts, Potash Prices Possibly Would Go Up2018-07-25
COFCO Planned to Acquire Russian Southern Port with 2.6 Billion RMB, Which Would be a Win-Win for China and Russia 2018-07-18
Corn Starch Prices Averaged at RMB 2,496/MT, Stable2018-07-18
Corn Prices Averaged RMB 1,837/MT, a Week-on-Week Decrease of 0.1%2018-07-18
Despite the closure of live poultry market on a large scale, the consumption of yellow broilers in China is still dominated by live chickens.2018-07-18
In the first half of the year, pig prices fell sharply, and most farms suffered losses in hog business2018-07-18
Constant Decline of Domestic Price, Sugar Association Holds Conference to Raise up Market2018-07-11
Myanmar Resumes Transit Trade from June, Only for Export not to Domestic Market2018-07-11
Hard to Attract Abundant Young Labors due to Huge Investment and Low Income in Apple Cultivation 2018-07-11
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