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DDGS Prices Recorded RMB 2,139/MT, a Week-on-Week Increase of 0.7%2018-09-19
Corn Starch Prices Averaged at RMB 2,571/MT, Stable2018-09-19
Owing to an Abundant Supply, the Influence of Trade War on Soybean Meal Market is Gradually Weakening2018-09-19
Along with the Coming of New-Season Corn Availability on the Market, Why Did Temporarily-Stored Corn Auction Volume and Trading Volume Keep Increasing?2018-09-19
In August egg production increased by 1.31% month on month2018-09-13
Monthly inventory of layer increased 0.23% in August2018-09-13
Due to the increase in the supply of eggs, egg prices will decline from the high level2018-09-13
August Corn Further Processing Companies Continued to Maintain High Profits2018-09-12
After New Corn Availability on the Market, the Prices Still Would Keep Ascending2018-09-12
Along with an Abundant Supply and a Limited Growth in Demand, August Corn Prices Would Stabilize2018-09-12
If the Sino-US Trade War Continued, It Would Greatly Impact China's Wood Product Export2018-09-12
In 2017, China Imported 2.828 Million m³ of Oak, up 26.9% YoY2018-09-12
in July 2018, China timber price index(TPI) was 132.0%, up by 8.8 percent points YOY2018-09-12
Weather Forecast(September 6-12, 2018)2018-09-12
Monthly analysis of the economic situation of China's food industry, January to July 20182018-09-12
In the first half of 2018, the price of yellow broilers rose, and the profit of feeding enterprises increased greatly2018-09-12
African swine fever continued to spread, and pig farmers in infected areas may face the risk of capital chain breakage2018-09-12
In August, listed companies saw increases both in sales volume and sales value2018-09-12
DAP Exports During January-July 2018 Improved Obviously2018-08-29
Brazilian Growers are Looking Forward to Having a Deeper Cooperation with Chinese Fertilizer Industry2018-08-29
Soybean Meal Kept Rising, Rapeseed Meal and Cottonseed Meal Prices All Went Up Slightly2018-08-22
Corn Starch Prices Averaged at RMB 2,559/MT, Stable2018-08-22
Owing to an Increase in Material Costs and a Better Demand from the Terminal, Feed Prices Would Ascend2018-08-22
Current Situation of the Development & Prospect of Wood Industry in China2018-08-16
In 2017, China Imported 1.853 Million m³ of Douglas fir logs, down 1.04% YoY2018-08-16