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New-Type Fertilizer Companies Mainly Depend on Exporting and Government Procurement 2018-06-13
How Do Chinese Fertilizer Companies Achieve an Increase in Both Operating Revenues and Profits?2018-06-13
Operating Revenues of Fertilizer Companies Listed on National Equities Exchange and Quotations Kept Increasing, but Thei2018-06-13
Quality and Function Would Become the Core of Competition Among Feed Companies2018-06-13
A Long-Term Loss of Hog Farming Dragged Down Feed Consumption, so Operating Profits of Feed in 2018 Possibly Would Go Do2018-06-13
June Corn Prices Still Would Maintain at Low Level2018-06-13
Operating Revenues of Listed Feed Companies in the First Quarter of 2018 Increased, but the Profits Generally Dropped 2018-06-08
Temporarily-Stored Auctions Pushed Down Corn Prices, and Northeastern Further Processing Companies Gained High Profits2018-06-08
Corn Prices Would Go Down in the Near Future, but the Decline Would be Limited2018-06-08
Along with the Increasing Warehouse-out of Temporarily-Stored Corn Auctioned, May Corn Prices in the Producing and Consu2018-06-08
Industrial consumption of grain and corn2018-06-08
Analysis on Supply & Demand and Security Coefficient of China’s Corn2018-06-08
China's Sorghum Consumption and Inventory in April 2018, and Safety Index (ending stock/annual consumption) 2018-06-08
Multiple factors will affect China's chicken import pattern in 20182018-06-08
Sino-U.S. trade relations are once again strained, and the outbreak of trade wars or will be favorable for domestic hog 2018-06-08
Beef prices were 56.53 yuan/kg, and the breeding profit decreases 0.67 yuan/head in this week2018-06-08
China Cut Down Trade Deficit Against the U.S., which Would Bring Influence on Fertilizer Industry2018-05-30
Price Growth in Potash Contract in 2018 Would be Upward of 30 US Dollars/MT2018-05-30
Along with the Increasing Pressure of Oversupply, Lysine Prices Would Continue to Descend2018-05-30
A Back-Door Listing and Business Development are Main Reasons for Twins Group’s Acquisition of Jinxinnong2018-05-30
The structure of GP whiter breeder species in China has changed, with Hubbard ranking first2018-05-23
The sharp drop in hog prices will accelerate the increase in the scale of hog farming2018-05-23
The sharp drop in hog prices will accelerate the increase in the scale of hog farming2018-05-23
Grain crops by varieties2018-05-23
Weather Summary(May 11-17, 2018)2018-05-23
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