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China Agri-Industries Holdings Limited to Become a Grain & Oil Company with a Complete Industrial Chain

China Agriculture Report By CnAgri2017-11-02 10:41:14China Agriculture Report Print On October 23, China Agri-Industries Holdings Limited announced that it would sell its two biofuels and biochemical companies. China Agri-Industries will focus on grain and oil business in the future and its capacity of rice, flour and oil will increase to 40 million tons. In view of this, China Agri-Industries may merge with Chinatex group’s oilseed processing business.


In 2016, the income of small packaging products was around RMB 13.6 billion, the gross margin was 12%. If it becomes a grain and oil company with a complete industrial chain and brand consumer goods after upgrading and transformation, China Agri-Industries’ business income of small packaging products will double.


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