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Concentration Ratio of China's Soybean Crushing Industry Will Further Enhance

China Agriculture Report By CnAgri2018-01-04 15:32:55China Agriculture Report Print
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Currently there are 20 groups that have two or more soybean crushing enterprises in China with the crushing capacity of 338,000 ton/day, accounting for 63% of the domestic soybean crushing capacity.
Golden Agri has sold Jintianyuan Food Science and Technology (Tanjin) Corp to Louis Dreyfus. Louis Dreyfus’ subsidiary, Shandong Bohai Investment Corp, Qingdao Port set up Qingdao Fuhai Grain & Oil Industrial Corp and its soybean processing capacity is 4 million ton/year. This project will upgrade the soybean crushing capacity of Louis Dreyfus to the 7th place in China.
This year Guangdong Huamei Oil Corp was sold by Chongqing Grain Group to Beijing Grain Group, thus Beijing Grain Group owns two soybean crushing enterprises - Beijing Grain (Tianjin) Corp and Guangdong Huamei Oil Corp with the crushing capacity of 7,000 ton/day.
Along with the policy implementation on restricting livestock and poultry breeding in South China, Southeast, East China, the areas such as inland Henan, Hubei, Jilin will become important regions for domestic soybean crushing enterprises. Shandong Bohai Group, Huifu Grain & Oil Corp, Henan Yangguang Group, Zhejiang Herun Group also continue to improve their crushing capacities. Some small and medium-sized enterprises are expected to be integrated in Northeast, East China and southeast coastal areas.
The crushing capacity of domestic soybean crushing enterprise groups will reach 400,000 ton/day, the actual crushed volume will account for about 90% of the total domestic soybean crushed volume, the concentration ratio of domestic soybean crushing industry has the potential to further enhance.
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