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Industrial Development of Peanut Oil Helps Increase Peanut Planting Area and Output in China

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China’s peanut oil enterprises (represented by Luhua) not only promoted the company’s products in brand promotion and oil variety recommendation, but also promoted the peanut oil consumption increase among traditional peanut products and city groups. As a result, peanuts became China’s only oilseed with increase of both planting area and output.    
In 2016, the peanut planting area reached 4.727 million hectares and the output was 17.29 million tons, up 780,000 hectares and 4.26 million tons respectively compared with 2007; up 19.8% and 32% respectively. During the same period, both the soybean planting area and output dropped by 21.1% and 16.8% respectively; according to the actual purchase situation in various rapeseed production areas, the decline of China’s rapeseed planting area and output were even larger.
At present, Henan province is the largest peanut producer and the peanut planting area and output reached 1.13 million hectares and 5.09 million tons respectively in 2016, 42% and 58% respectively more than Shandong - the second largest producer.
In history China is a traditional peanut exporter and exports hit a record high and reached 520,000 tons in 2002. But along with the increasing domestic consumption demand of peanut oil and peanut products, China’s peanut exports continued to decline and exports was lower than 200,000 tons in 2010. Meanwhile, imports began to increase because peanut planting costs remained high in China and international peanut prices have some advantages. Peanut imports exceeded exports for the first time in 2015. In 2016, peanut imports and exports recorded 460,000 tons and 120,000 tons respectively, imports was nearly four times more than exports.
Along with the promotion and application of peanut planting, management and harvesting machinery, peanut planting area and yield are expected to grow steadily in China. With the increasing market demand and business guidance, high oleic acid peanut varieties and high quality peanut varieties will be on an upward trend year by year.

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