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Owing to a Rapid Increase in Capacity, Corn Further Processing Sector Would Face Increasing Pressure from Overcapacity2018-04-08
Along with Increasing Pressure from Environmental Protection, Fertilizer Capacity and Output Would Continue to Go Down2018-03-30
After the Implementation of State Institutional Reform, What Changes Would Happen to Supervisions on Fertilizer Industry2018-03-30
Chinese chicken import and export trade characteristics2018-03-30
An increase of 25% tariff on imports of pork from the United States will not impact China's hog market2018-03-30
Compared to 2017, The Subsidies to Corn Processing Companies in Jilin and Heilongjiang Weakened 2018-03-22
Extending to the Upstream and Downstream of Fertilizer Industry and Acquiring Horizontally Become the Main Directions fo2018-03-16
Owing to an Oversupply, Urea Prices Dropped this Week2018-03-16
News Briefs2018-03-16
Weather Forecast(March 15-21, 2018)2018-03-16
After the Spring Festival, the Slaughter of White Broiler Decreased, the Price of Live Broiler Rebounded Slightly2018-03-16
The operation rate of slaughterhouses was decreasing before Spring Festival, the price of white broilers moved down2018-03-16
Large Domestic Capitals Continued to Enter Fruit New Retail2018-03-09
What Caused Banana Prices to Rise Sharply in 2017/20182018-03-09
The Government Released Regulation Policies Frequently to Stabilize the Prices of Fertilizer for Spring Ploughing 2018-03-09
Along with Relatively Saturated Demand, MAP Prices Possibly Would Go down in the Short Term 2018-03-09
Affected by seasonal factors, egg prices dropped sharply after the Spring Festival2018-03-09
New added capacity of hogs is more than 170 million head, and hog market price is not optimistic in 20182018-03-09
Vegetable Oil Prices Increase in the Beginning of 2018 but Do not Have the Conditions to Keep Growing2018-02-09
Proportion of Domestic High-protein Soybeans Increased but Proportion of High-oil Soybeans Reduced Sharply in 20172018-02-09
Pork supply increased in 2017, and hog price is predicted to be about 14.5yuan/kg in 20182018-02-09
The slaughter of hogs of domestic large-scale farming enterprises increased in 2017, but the growth will slow down later2018-02-09
The US became the largest source country of China’s imported breeding pigs in 2017, and the strains of breeding pig we2018-02-09
Why Were Rotation Corn Reserves in Shanxi Dealt Actively?2018-02-08
A Continuous Growth in Corn Prices is Not Good for Planting Structure Adjustment in the Northeast2018-02-08
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