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Domestic large-scale hog groups release capacity, realizing stable growth in operating revenue2017-05-18
Listed Feed Companies Saw an Increase in Sales, a Stable Gross Profit and A Growth in Profits in 20162017-05-15
Along with a Tight Supply and an Increase in Prices, Corn Transactions of the First Auction Were Hot2017-05-15
Owing to Serious Oversupply, Potash Market Still Would be Sluggish 2017-05-15
Domestic Companies Have Great Blindness in Developing Foreign Potash Resource2017-05-15
China’s Soybean Imports Grew 20% YoY in the First Quarter of 20172017-05-10
Small Variety Vegetable Oil Sees High Gross Margin and High Market Risks2017-05-10
The supply of iced fresh chicken increased 14% in domestic in 2016, and the consumption will continue to rise later2017-05-09
Sunner Development plans to purchase Sunner Food for 2.02 billion yuan to extent business chain and strengthen synergist2017-05-09
Wens Group’s operating revenue of broiler business decreased 21.69% year on year in Q1, 20172017-05-09
8.62 million Tons New Sugar Produced, Sales 3.72 million Tons 2017-05-03
Reasons for Preference to Beet Sugar2017-05-03
Beet Processing New Capacity Expansion over 3 Million Tons2017-05-03
Soybean Stock Increased to 6.7 Million tons in Major Ports of China2017-05-02
Grain & Oil VAT Will Drop to 11%, Oil & Oilseed Import Costs Will Decrease2017-05-02
The Whole Rapeseed Industry Chain Shrinks Rapidly due to a Decline in Domestic Supply2017-05-02
Newly added capacity of Muyuan increased sharply, and its hog slaughter is predicted to reach 6.33 million head in 20172017-04-27
Hog prices declined in Q1, 2017, but the sales performance of listed companies increased to varying degrees2017-04-27
Owing to Serious Overcapacity, Fertilizer Companies Faced Operating Difficulty and Closed Down in Large Quantities2017-04-27
The New VAT rate would decrease to 11%, which Would Not Influence Industry Much2017-04-27
Corn Further Processing Capacity Would Increase by 17 Million MT in the Next 2-3 Years 2017-04-26
The Relaxation of Restrictions on New Corn Further Processing Projects Possibly Would Aggravate Overcapacity 2017-04-26
China Has Loosened the Restrictions on New-Built Capacity of Corn Further Processing in the Last Ten Years2017-04-26
The layout of layer breeding with Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region, Yangtze River Delta and Pearl River Delta as core will b2017-04-25
The supply of iced fresh chicken increased 14% in domestic in 2016, and the consumption will continue to rise later2017-04-25
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